Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How to Gain Muscle Fast

Seeing no visible results after countless hours of bicep curls and bench press in the gym? Wondering why the usually recommended, top muscle building exercises - bench press - is getting you no where physically? Well maybe you are doing it wrong, below are the physical do's and don'ts to how to build muscle fast...
Remember the first the bicep curl you did at your gym. How much was it five kilograms, ten kilograms, twenty? Now think about the weight of the bicep curls you did yesterday in the gym. If you are seeing no muscle gain it is probably because you are not increasing the weight of the exercise once you get good at it. Doing 5 five kilograms for 3 months will get you now where. So always plan your work out to set a target to increase your weight as you progress. Otherwise as there is no progression in your weights (exercises) likewise, there will be no progression in your body muscle.


When you do the bench press, do you find your current weight easy, or hard? Most of you will say you find it normal. If you find it normal you, my friend, are not pushing your self to your limits. There is not gonna be in muscle gain if you find a exercise normal or easy because that means your  muscles are accustomed to that weight and so they are not going to gain. Remember to push your muscles once in a while, this links in with progression. Plan which days are gonna be your push days - when you choose the heaviest weights you can do and push you muscles to the limit. This way your muscles will gain. 

If you are doing what has been said above maybe your problem is  frequency and poor planning to go to the gym. If you think just popping into the gym whenever, is a bad idea. It is important to have a regular schedule for different muscles as if you do not exercise them often enough they will stay the same and in some cases lose muscle (muscle atrophy) so remember to keep time and plan in mind. Going to the gym for a biceps work out 1-2 times a week is sufficient to maintain them. But 2-4 times is needed to improve them.

Diet is probably the second most important factor to muscle gain, ho many calories you take in, your protein intake etc. To find out more on dietary factors to enhance your muscle gain click hereRemember to Subscribe to this blog for weekly updates. Don't be shy to press that share button underneath either. And if you need any help, comment in the comment section down below and I will deliver personal advice to you. And please, please, please comment on how I should improve my blog.