Monday, 30 May 2016

4 Shoulder Grinding Exercises

Great shoulders shows a lot about us men. Its not only a way to show of in  the gym but to impress an audience in your suit and tie, especially the ladies. You use your shoulder in any exercise, from bicep curls to pull ups, the are one of our main muscle. So it is very important to keep them healthy and toned. Here are four exercises to transform your current tennis ball shoulders into bowling balls...

Vertical Dumbbell Raise
Using the dumbbells is a great way to exercise your shoulders as they allow your to work each shoulder separately. So grab a dumbbell for each arm with the weight that suits you best and start vertically raising the dumbbells in front of you. Remember to keep your arms slightly bent so you joints don't get damaged.

Lateral Dumbbell Raise

Very similar to the vertical dumbbell raise, the lateral dumbbell raise involves lifting the dumbbells with a fully bent arm. However, this time it has to be to the sides. This adds more variation to your workout so your don't feel bored. The second plus point is it exercises a different part of your shoulder. So do this exercises with both arms which are slightly bent.

Sitting Dumbbell Bench Press
Rather than exercise your chest with the normal, boring, flat bench press, why not alter  your sitting position and do it with dumbbells instead. Grab two dumbbells and sit down so your back is at a 80* angle from the floor. Keep lifting the dumbbells over your head. This is a very good way to exercise your shoulders because you are using the weight of gravity directly on top of you.

Barbell Row
This exercise will put the end to your shoulder workout as it is a quick and effective exercise. Lean for forward so your bodies 45* from the floor and pull the barbell towards you. As effective as this exercise can be,  it can put a strain on the back so it is advised for the exercise to not be done by under 16s and elderly. It is crucially important your back remains straight during the whole exercise.