Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How Weights Can Stunt Your Growth

The most common topic when it comes to teenagers doing weights training is "do weights stunt growth?" And most PE teachers and fitness instructors will say that it does not effect your growth spurt. In some aspects they are right, if you have the correct technique and lift weights properly, then injures, accidents and stunting growth will be impossible. The main thought in society is that weights will not stunt your growth because as long as the end of your bigger bones are well protected and never injured, growth stunting is impossible. But they are not thinking of all the other hidden factors that may stunt your growth as a teenager. Here are two main ways weights definitely stunt your growth. Please like, share and subscribe, comment for any questions.

The Spine
The Spine is one of the most important bone when it comes to growing because it is so complex and so large. It helps your body stay upright. But some exercises can put a little too much pressure on the spine, like the clean jerk or any over-head exercises. This puts a lot of strain on all spinal bones and pushes them against each other which can cause injure and an irregular spinal shape. This doesn't just apply for teenagers, if the over head exercise is not performed with good technique than it can result in back problems which can stick for life. You only have one spine, take care of it!

Muscle Growth
This scientifically researched fact included quite an abstract view on the body. But as we all know all abstract things make sense in science because the body and science itself is abstract! So this scientist measured the intake of nutrients of a teenager and how much muscle he was gaining. This was conducted on many teenagers varying the much growth but keeping the nutrients the same, the test was over 2 years long! In the end the teenagers with the lower amount of muscle growth were taller overall, with healthier bones and skin. Where as the teenagers, with larger muscle growth happening were overall shorter than predicted and weaker bones. This is because the nutrients absorbed by the teenagers with the less muscle growth was full utilized for their growth spurt and bone development, where as the nutrients eaten by the muscle growth teenagers was utilized mostly in muscle growth. So in conclusion, the scientist stated that to much muscle growth can result in poorer  development of the overall body. weights training is the fastest way to make gains so directing your diet on muscle growth may mean that your body gets under developed, you should rather have less muscle but better nutrient intake. 
So overall, weights can stunt growth in teenagers as it effects the spinal cord and compresses it, so stay away from over head exercises. And to much gains  from weights may result in an under developed overall body so eat clean and use body weight instead and lighter weights occasionally. You have your whole life to growth muscle, but your bone growth and height only happens once. Want to find out if your weight training theory that has been explained by a dozen others is actually true? Check out 5 Weight Lifting Myths Debunked.
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