Friday, 3 June 2016

Lower Ab Workout

The lower abdominal muscles are the finishing pieces you need for a six-pack. They are the lowest muscles so therefore, the muscle that more likely to covered in a layer of remember doing lower core exercises will only pay of if you have a flat stomach with a lower body fat percentage. The lowest core ab muscles are the hardest to polish but here are some workouts that will help you target and train those lower core muscles:

Vertical Leg Raises
The vertical leg raise can only be preformed when arms are resting on an arm-rest which leaves your body hanging. you need to raise your legs from a vertical position to a horizontal position, it will be more effective if your knees are not bent. a rep of 20 is recommended. Similar to this, the horizontal leg raise is very similar to the vertical leg raise. The only difference is it does not need an arm rest to preform it as  it can be preformed by lying on the floor. the principle is the same and you will need to raise you leg making sure you do not bend your knee. A set of 20 is recommended.
Mountain Climber
Mountain climber exercises develops your lower core and hips as includes a running type motion. To do the mountain climber you have to go into a press up position and bring one knee up to touch your elbows. To switch to the other leg, the other leg would have to jump to touch your knee at the same time as your first leg goes back and touches the ground. A set of 40 reps is recommended to achieve full effect.
Sit ups
The sit ups, a very simple exercises most people know of. It will help develop your core if you focus the exercise on that pair of muscles. A normal sit up would be you lying down on your back, knees bent and you pushing your self up -crunches your core. A sit up that strengthens and develops your lower core would be different. you will have to make sure your back is straight for all the exercises and that your back does not touch the floor when going back down. Your lower core will be used when u don't touch the floor and the straight back will make you do a proper crunch. This exercise should be done 50 times at least.

These exercises will get you a six-pack. I'm not gonna say you will get one after 2-3 workouts but it will gradually emerge. Subscribe and Share to all and if in doubt Fighter Abs Sixpacks has more exercises on how to get a stronger core for you!