Monday, 30 May 2016

How to Lose Weight Fast

You've been on that treadmill day and night without a pound taken off your belly. You've been pumping that bench press for countless hours in the gym with good muscle gains. Only problem is, you can't see those muscle gains because of a thick layer of fat covering all that toned brawn. I can confidently say that you are not losing weight because of your diet. Even if you do lots of your whole body exercises or fat reducing exercises, your diet is the backbone to how much weight you trim at the end of the day.
Like everyone else says, limiting calories is a great way to lose body weight. But let me tell you the correct way to cut your calories in order to lose fat as weight. First rule, never suddenly drop 1000 calories or somewhere around that much. Your body will sense this lose of energy and go into starvation mode. Many diet  specialist will agree that this is bad as your body will hang onto your fat and use your muscle instead. 
Now if you're a lady viewer this point won't really matter as you may not mind how much muscle you have on your body, you may just be here to cut weight fast and muscle lose as well as fat lose is perfectly fine. BUT many male viewers I know you can't live with this fact, I totally agree. This is why cutting your calories slowly day by day week by week will help slow or stop muscle reduction and encourage fat reduction. 

Right so that's the calorie bullshit out the way we can start on what food is truly what you need to lose weight for this summer. Firstly, did you know that digestion burns your calories as well. For example you eat a chocolate bar worth 100 calories, and to digest chocolate bar, to chew and swallow that chocolate bar you burn 5 calories so the end calorie sum would be 95 calories. Now, substitute that chocolate for a glass of milk, some chicken or some celery, there digestion calories shoot up. A glass of milk worth 100 calories would take 20-30 calories to digest.
This is because for  milk the body uses the enzyme lactase to break down the lactose in that milk. already taking a lot of calories. Furthermore, the body will want to make more lactase enzymes to break down the milk or any more milk incoming to your body in the future, this burns more calories as your body breaks down protein to make enzymes. 

And there's more good news, this has a very good carry on effect, the more often you drink milk not only will you be healthy your body adapt to produce more and more enzymes for that milk,  leading to an after fat burning effect! This applies to other enzymes and other foods you eat such as:

  • Celery
  • Grape fruit
  • Lettuce and other leafy vegetables
  • watermelons
  • Chilies

Now you may be wondering why people say they have no fat because their bodies are just like that. IGNORE them and slap them after. We all have that one friend who has a six-pack and eats burgers all day, we all feel so so jealous of them because we cannot do this without putting on a tonne of weight. Let me just say, from my very own experience there is a way to cheat this and be like your friend and it all relies on the time you eat your food and the gaps in between your meal.

Your metabolism is the rate of reactions happening in your body even fat burning reactions, you've guessed it, the key is to charge your metabolism up so it is burning fat all day, everyday. So, to improve your metabolism here's the key trick. Eat meals with regular small gaps in between. NEVER go to school or uni or work without eating a proper big breakfast because this slows down the metabolic rate as the body tries to reserve fat because it thinks your staving. Always eat breakfast, think about it, you go to sleep and not eat anything for 12 hrs, that fact certainly creeps me out!
Remember to always 5-8 meals a day no increasing or decreasing but dividing calorie intake. This keep your metabolism up and running for the whole day effectively and you will burn more fat then when your body starves, I promise.