Monday, 30 May 2016

5 Weight Lifting Myths

Are you sick of your parents acting like old hags telling you weights will some how ruin your life? Are you low spirited when people tell you, you will remain the same height and that you will never get a girl. Here are some myths debunked to show you the correct fact of weight lifting. Subscribe for weekly updates and share with your mates to prove that there is nothing  wrong with weights training. 

Weight-lifting Stunts Growth
Lets get the truth out there, weight lifting does not stunt your growth during when you are going through your growth spurt. Its one of those old hag's tale where she doesn't want her children to get hurt so she scares them by saying they will never grow again. It is true, weight training can get you hurt, but that is only because you haven't had proper training and your are not performing the exercises correctly. 
Weight training will not stunt your growth but it is advised by fitness specialists that teenagers do not do any over-head or back strain based exercises as their spines are still in development and it may effect how the spinal plates grow. However, other exercises such as bicep curls or bench press will not only let you gain muscle but more-over enhance your growth spurt as it strengthens the skeleton muscles around the bone which allows the bone to grow better as well. All those great body-builders, like Arnold Schwartz, started weights at a teen-age and guess what, they are all over 6 foot.

Weight-lifting Damages Joints
No weight lifting does not damage joints. Again if you are not doing it properly and are getting joint pains and joint injures you should see a trainer and get proper lessons for lifting weights properly, this could even be your PE teacher. People say it damages your joints as your putting so much strain on that one joint. But you are using controlled actions and so your joints will not get damaged. Furthermore, because you will have more muscle around your joints your joints will be more protected and will have a lower risk to sprains or strains, So good-bye arm-lock. But remember to do the exercise properly, and if you are worried please ask some one to spot you as do the exercise.

Muscle Lose
Some people say that getting into weights is like getting into a continuous cycle of muscle lose and muscle gain,where if you stop doing weights your muscles will go away and only weights will  be able to rebuild your muscles. This all sounds like complete bullshit right? You won't be able to believe how many people actually think this because they were never physically educated right. 
Here's what really happens, when you stop doing weights like any other exercise your level of fitness will drop at a completely normal rate. If you are losing muscle really quickly it may be because of your diet and you're not meeting your muscles requirements. Moreover, the next time you pick up a dumbbell or do any sport that requires the muscle groups that you were training for before, your muscles will easily build up quicker than before. This is because of muscle memory and the muscle cells that die usually turn into memory cells and this allows your muscles to build up faster than ever.

Reaction Time
Are you a teenager? yes, well has you're dad tried to convince you from not doing weight and even asked some of his friends to tell you why? Did one of his friends say it makes you slower, demonstrating with his skinny arm that its lighter therefore fast? You must have laughed right! Weight training for bigger mass certainly does not make some slower at doing things. It obviously means that they way more but this does mean that the weight will slow them down. 
It isn't weight in fat which will help in no way when lifting your arm, its muscle which will contribute to you lifting your arm, I guarantee! The more muscle you have the more power you have to lift that heavy arm fast and effectively, it can in some cases be quicker than a normal arm if you have lots of lean muscle. So don't let anyone convince you that weight training will slow you down in 100 meters.

Weight Lifting is Boring
A question to ask some one doing weights if they say it's  boring, "why are you doing it then." No one forces you to do something especially if you're bored of it, so you can quit any minute you want. Unless you're in secondary school and your peers pressurize you to go because you are weak, I totally understand. But remember weight training doesn't have to be boring as long as you have a focused and well thought-out plan before you do it. 
This means less time deciding on the spot in the gym and less time awkwardly thinking you should be doing something else in the middle of your bench-press set. Or maybe changing your boring bicep into a hammer curl or shoulder press may get rid of the boredom, or maybe some mates around with you. Everyone is bored in different ways so its up to you to ultimately decide but its just another fact, weight training is not boring if you make it interesting.

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