Monday, 30 May 2016

3 Ways to Improve your Stamina

Your physical stamina will play an important part in your dream to get fit. You have to take a long road to get into shape and to help you run that road you will need stamina. The definition of Stamina is how long you can last while doing a certain activity. This involves cardiovascular fitness and how efficiently your body can use ATP (posh word for energy). Here are three exercises to improve your stamina.

Continuous Training
Continuous training is a training program which involves low-medium intensity work with none to little breaks in between the exercise, it usually on consists of one exercise per workout. By doing continuous training you are improving your bodies stamina by making your heart  pump blood around your body to your muscles. As the muscle energy stores are depleted you are testing them to work with minimal energy which will improve there stamina. Furthermore, as you oxygen intake becomes to less for your body and you fall into a oxygen deficit you will start producing lactic acid. testing your lactic acid tolerance will boost your stamina. Running - Long-distance running is proven to be one of the most effective continuous training methods. This is because you can keep doing it without a break and it more or less works your whole body improving your blood and oxygen pumping efficiency. By doing at least 30 minutes runs with 60-80% pressure will really boost your stamina.

how to sprint fasterNon-Stop Sprinting
Sprinting takes more energy requirements from your body then jogging. Sprint at a constant rate for 30 seconds will quickly tire your muscle out, get you into oxygen debt and start lactic acid production in your body. This will mean you are already at a good stage to improve your lactic acid tolerance. Working harder to last longer in the sprints will definitely improve your stamina.